GPS Radio Buoy System is the most effective application for locating your fishing gear such as long-line fishing vessels or fishing nets.
Each GPS buoy has its own code automatically reports the latest GPS location and related information to KATO reception unit on the mother vessel.

The following data will be showed on its screen: :

  Buoy’s ID

  Buoy Position (Latitude and Longitude)

  Water Temperature

  Remaining Battery Voltage

  GMT Time

  Calculate the distance from the ship to the buoy

KATO reception device also can be connected with programmed PC & Plotting System to calculate and show the buoy’s data on the monitor.

Description & Features

KATO GPS radio buoy is compact, power saving, easy to operate. GPS radio buoy has advantages as bellow :

  • Water resistant and crashworthy
  • Range up to 60 NM
  • No communication cost  (radio transmission)
  • Automatic Transmissions of full-time

Hardware and software systems