Sel-Call Radio Buoy is perfect for locating your fishing net and fishing gear. It stays in sleeping mode and answers only when you call via calling machine from the mother vessel, which not only lowers battery consumption but also prevents your fishing gears being detected and carried away by the other vessels.


  • Made of stainless steel, corrosion resistant.
  • Use strict pressure material, good water tightness.
  • Lower power consumption, more cost saveing.
  • Difficult to be detected or stolen.

Specification :

Output power


Transmitter frequency

1700 -3200 KHZ (customized for client)

Receive frequency

1778.5 KHZ or 2331.5 KHZ

Effective range

150 NM

Power supply

FT-1 Metal battery pack(DC 24V)

Total weight


Device :