Satellite Buoy (KT-800D, KT-690S) & Satellite Echo Sounder Buoy (KT-690SF)

Satellite buoy is specifically designed for the purse seine fishing fleets and long-line fishing vessels to promote sustainable and effective tuna fishing. KT-690 is built-in SkyWave’s newest Isatdata Pro terminal and scientific echo-sounder, which can provide reliable data massages via Inmarsat IDP global satellite network with highest payload and lowest latency of any L-band satellite store-and-forward service. It is equipped with four pieces high efficient solar panels, rechargeable battery, temperature sensor, four LED flashlights and magnetic switch. Also, it can be moored on driftwoods or any floating objects (FADs), and will provides the real time information to fishing vessels.


  • Immediate response: GPS location, currents, temperature and battery power.
  • Receiving range covers the whole world via the Inmarsat IDP global satellite.
  • Receive information via SBS-02 or e-mail (FBB, Mini C, etc.).
  • Powerful LED flashlights, indicates the buoy’s position.
  • Free of maintenance, replacements and consumables.
  • The robust design of the product, extending its useful life.


Echo sounder

75 KHZ


Inmarsat Isatdata Pro

Power Source

6 VDC / Solar rechargeable battery


380 mm(max) / 200 mm(min)


260 mm


11.5 kg

Water Tightness

1bar (10M)

Operating Temperature

-10 ºC to +70 ºC

Hardware and software systems

Computer software
Control System