TYUN-YANG PARA ANCHOR can be used for any type of vessels, such as life rafts, yachts and commercial fishing vessels. While fishing, the vessel engine has to keep running to stabilize the vessel and maintain a certain area for fishing, which not only wastes fuel and manpower but also shortens the life of vessel engine. Using TYUN-YANG PARA ANCHOR, the above problems will be gone! Without having to use the engine, it helps hold the vessel stationary to make a certain area for fishing. When the vessel loses power and drifts at sea, especially in heavy weather, TYUN-YANG PARA ANCHOR acts as a brake by increasing the drag through water to slow and steady the vessel, and in advance, save the crew’s life and property.

On the basis of hydrodynamics, TYUN-YANG PARA ANCHOR is made of special nylon cloth with high density nylon rope, manufactured by our sophisticated masters. TYUN-YANG PARA ANCHOR uses strong, durable and humidity resistant nylon fabric, which helps cope with any condition on the vessels. TYUN-YANG PARA ANCHOR is easy to deploy and retrieve, and is your best choice for protecting your vessel and your safety.


  • Designed by hydrodynamics, made of strong, durable and humidity resistant nylon cloth.
  • Easy to deploy and retrieve, able to deal with any condition on the vessel.
  • Lower the use of fuel and manpower, save more cost.
  • Your best choice for your vessel and safety protection.

Specification :