GPS Radio Buoy System is the most effective application for locating your fishing gear such as long-line fishing vessels or fishing nets.

Each GPS buoy has its own code. GPS buoy will transmit responding signal immediately while they receive the calling signal with correct code which sent from NSC-K500 (Signal Generator & Transmitter) on their mother vessels.

It can avoid the position of your fishing gear been found by other vessels. NSC-K500 also can be connected to external SSB if it is necessary.

The signal from GV-58 will be received by Kato NSR-K800 (Receiver, Decoder & Display), following data will be showed on its screen:

  Buoy’s ID

  Buoy Position (Latitude and Longitude)

  Water Temperature

  Remaining Battery Voltage

  GMT Time

NSR-K800 can be connected with PC or laptop which built-in Kato Buoy Management Software. This soft can calculate and show buoy’s data on monitor.

Hardware and software systems